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As an Enticing, Informative, Edgy, Sexy and Trendy Lifestyle Women’s Magazine, EBE, reveals an innovative bold, beautiful, and Boundless look to the Contemporary Women of Color Worldwide…

The Marilyn Bell Agency introduces, Evolving Beauty & Elegance (EBE), the premier lifestyle publication for the well-rounded contemporary woman of color. EBE is committed to producing a luxury high end editorial publication into the lifestyles of the most visible with a classy touch of edge combine with sophistication. The monthly magazine offers an artistic blend of today's Fashion & Style, Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Life & Travel and Entertainment, Business & Politics. EBE is dedicated to providing our readers with the knowledge and tools to help improve the quality of life and heighten them to the next level.

EBE is devoted to providing the fashionable women of color with a forum that satisfies her palate for living without limits. It is truly about escorting her to the Next Level.

Spearheading EBE's comprehensive editorial platform is Publisher and Editor in Chief, Marilyn Bell. She states, "Our finger is on the pulse of our reader, and the EBE woman is a mover and shaker she is more involved in the world than ever before. EBE will equip the women of today with the essentials to evolve them to the next level that will enable her to feel confident, sexy, empowered and stylish." Bell goes on to say, "I was surprised by the level of request from our viewers regarding publishing a new magazine, they are far more engaged with the forward bound movement than ever before." This publication is for them. Bell concluded with, "Our core audience is women of color, but we believe that race is not an issue when it comes to disseminating information that all women want, need and can relate to. So expect the color boundaries to be crossed."

Published monthly, each quality issue captivates readers for a cover-to-cover read. EBE is an inclusive, well rounded publication encompassed with an edgy and chic sophistication. The countdown is on.

There has never been a better time for women of color to be Evolving, Boundless and Extraordinary!

EBE Today's Ultimate Woman.

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